Happiness And Its Effects On College Students Essay

765 Words Nov 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Happiness is what everyone wants to have, but no one knows where it is. Many events can happen in people’s life and destroy their stability; as a result, they feel no happy. People think that happiness is something that they can earn or achieve, but researchers have different points of view about happiness. For years many researchers study the process of stress and happiness resulting of many theories to help people to understand their mind and behavior. Especially college students, who have to face many challenges to achieve their dreams such as fail a test, do not have time to study or cannot sleep enough. They have stress that ruin their life resulting be unhappy. College students have to consider three majors point to find happiness: happiness comes from inside, they can adapt to new situations, and they have to know that happiness can be synthesized. First of all, college students have to know that happiness comes from inside. Happiness is reflecting pleasantness with life. College students can change the professor, the semester, the college finding happiness, but they never can find it unless they decided to change their attitude about of what they want to be. They cannot get happiness if they cannot understand how their brain works. Professor Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, University of California psychology, described the process of happiness in her new book called The House of Happiness as slices of a pie. The image of a pie, which is the cover of her book, divides…

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