Happiness And Happiness In Huckleberry's Journey, By Mark Twain

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Society encourages individuals to associate wealth with success and happiness, thereby allowing individuals to accomplish foolish and malevolent acts in order to gain societal success.
Society gives out travesty on how wealth correlates with success and happiness, which forces individuals to accomplish foolish and malevolent acts in order to gain a disillusion of happiness in wealth. During Huck’s journey, he meets two hooligans who call themselves The Duke and The King; they lie to and steal from innocent villagers and “played this town for all they’re worth” in order to achieve monetary value (Twain 188). Individuals believe without excessive wealth, they would not have value in the world. People would reach their goal of making a particular
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When Huck and Jim returns to the river, they experience a phenonmenom of true happiness: “So, in two seconds, away we went, a sliding down the river, and it did seem so good to be free again and all by ourselves on the big river and nobody to bother us” (Twain 215). Nature takes an unselfish stance and allows others to experience the true happiness, rather than blinds individuals to believe the only method to success and happiness refers to the amount of materialistic objects. Individuals experience true happiness by refering to spiritual engagement rather materialistic objects. Defending the notion of happiness which natures gives, Twain urges individuals to reject societal standards. In addition, critic T. S. Eliot reveals how Twain displays the case that individuals must not allow societal standards influence their judgement, of themselves and of others. Even though society brands certain people, such as robbers and hooligans, as apathetic or evil, individuals must see the goodness of everyone: “But, seen through the eyes of Huck, there is a deep human pathos in these scoundrels” (Eliot). When Huck resides in the wilds near the Mississippi River, he sees the emotion and humanity of the most corrupt individuals. Individuals must mimic the actions of Huck. People ought to see beyond the labels in which society brands criminals and hooligans. Nature urges individuals to follow in its lead to stop judging individuals based on what others say, and to seek the goodness in every single person. By seeing the goodness in individuals, the overall happiness in the community increases while the unnecessary judgement

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