Happiness And Happiness Essay: Guide To Buying Happiness

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Guide to Buying Happiness
Not every human who has money is happy but every human who is happy surely have some money. The relationship between money and happiness has long been debated. Recent studies show that money does have an impact on our happiness. But the relation between money and happiness is not linear. Being rich does not guarantee happiness and being poor does not mean constant destitute. It’s the way money is used that increases happiness.
Before we discuss the ways in which money increases our happiness, it is important to understand what happiness really is. I conducted a survey in which I asked people of various demographics, age and cultural backgrounds, how would they define happiness. The responses were diverse, for some
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On the other hand, experiences even though they last for a short time, give long term happiness. The experience does not need to be a vacation to some exotic place, it could be as cheap as a visit to a museum or bowling night. Moreover, an experience is even more fulfilling if shared with friends or family. Martha C. White in her article Five Ways Money Can Buy Happiness, Backed by Science, states “Doing things with friends or family, even if it’s not as exciting, makes you happy because it fosters a sense of togetherness and connection between you and other people.” Therefore, experience is worth investing in because it gives long term happiness and strengthens relationships.
2) Invest in People
Another way to use money for happiness is to spend money on others. Helping someone in need or giving a gifts to friends or family produce higher level of satisfaction than spending on oneself. All the cultures and religions across the world stress on spending on others. Spending money on others activates parts of our brain that are associated with receiving rewards. Participants in MRI were asked to donate money to a local food bank. Choosing to give away money voluntarily or by even by force, led to activation in reward processing parts of the brain. (Harbaugh, Mayr, & Burghart, 2007).
3) Save
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A little competition is good even but when it comes to material consumption it is best to resist comparison as much as possible. Simply because there is no winning in this situation –there will always be a friend with that latest model of iphone. Such comparisons result in waste of money and constant unhappiness.
Can money buy happiness? Yes, it can. Money is the tool and not the source. The key is to invest in long-term happiness and not to give in to the urge to splurge. Using money for experiences rather than material goods; saving for future, and spending on others, we can increase our happiness. As the popular saying goes “if money doesn’t make you happy than you probably aren’t spending it

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