Happiest Moment Of Your Mother Essay

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Some of the happiest moments of your mother and I lives were when we brought each one of you home from the hospital. That great feeling and joy can never be measured or really explained, you must experience it for yourself. And maybe that will occur one day for each of you. But, before that day occurs, you must be well prepared mentally, emotionally and financially fit.
This led me to this transparent communication to each one of you. I write this letter because speaking directly has become a challenge with each of you. You tell your mother and I… you do not want to hear it; you are not trying to talk to us right now, you not off that, or worse…. Walking away, shutting the doors in our face, hanging up the phone… etc., We are your parents,
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Let me re-state the last several years has been mentally, emotionally and financially tough for your mother and I, and you. It truly has been painful, causing major disruption, internal anger, and poor behavior at all levels. The economy, personal and employment situations contributed to this pain and stimulated on occasions certain behavior. You know this you lived it. We apologize, that this has happened, but we have done the best we could or what we thought was right during this situation. We are not perfect, we have made mistakes. All have paid a tremendous price.
That said, we are still standing. Wobbly, but we are still standing. Now, your mother and I are tired, very tired. That does not mean we do not love, honor and respect each of you. It just means we are tired of the unnecessary drama that encapsulates our home and influences our lives. We deserve some peace, some happiest and less drama. We desire our children to handle important things in their life’s responsibility. We need our children to reach their highest level of success now. We need our children to do more, much
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First and foremost, you need to let go of that anger you have for your mother and I. It will hold you back. If we hurt you, it was not intentional. We were new parents, learning to be the best we could be. You cannot meet everything with aggressiveness when you perceive an attack wrongly. You cannot strike out all the time. Nor can you blame us for what went wrong or remains wrong in your life.
Candidly, I am very disappointed how you handle matters with your mother yelling in her face, as well as you action with your younger brother. No question, your actions are/were totally inappropriate and inexcusable. This cannot happen again. I do not like it; it is against everything we stand for as a family, it tears us down further as a family. That is your mother, period! Nothing else needs to be said.
You cannot speak of respect… when you have disrespected our home and your parents on so many levels and on so many

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