The Happening Movie Analysis

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Movies have been an outlet for my boredom for as long as I can remember. Whether it was to watch a comedy for a great laugh or a documentary for educational purposes, I always searched for a movie to see. The movie could have the worst reviews in the planet and somehow I would always end up watching them. I always thought that watching a movie should be good and fun time, which is why watching The Happening(2008) for a second time was not a good idea. The first time I was concentrated on the plot and didn’t really have a positive or negative opinion about it. However, the second time around I focused on specific elements of the movie like the acting, the camera work, and the message behind it. Acting drives a movie towards a successful …show more content…
Even though it took a very comedic path in reaction to death, suicide and ignorance, it still was a way to explore what humans are doing to this world. It is so shocking how much people do not care about the environment or anything really. Most people are uneducated in how they affect the Earth, but as Nick Frei said “Ignorance doesn’t excuse you from your impact on the world.” Humans have such a big impact on the world. Every little action can influence the future. Especially as teenagers, the future seems to be so far away. The environment is only there for as long as its taken care of and that all begins now in the present. Even when a catastrophic event occurs, humans still think that it's okay to take advantage of the Earth. This movie is at least trying to convey a message about the negative impact on the world that humans have, although I do think that it could have been done so much better. Most people watch this movie and see how terrible the acting is and how the plot isn't really all that interesting and forget about the part the main idea behind it, the environment. If the movie would have been better then maybe people would actually leave thinking about changing their

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