Hannibal Lecter Vs. Buffalo Bill Essay

1057 Words Apr 29th, 2015 null Page
When people think of monsters they think of hideous and frightening creatures that lurk in the darkness. But a monster isn’t someone who looks scary or different. In fact, most monsters look just like everyone else. Because the definition of a monster isn’t a person who looks scary, a monster is a person who does horrible things and feels no remorse. People are fascinated by everyday monsters like Hannibal Lecter or Buffalo Bill. It opens their eyes to what we humans are truly capable of and they think “Well I would never do that”. It reassures them that they’re not evil and that they’re not crazy. But the truth is, there exists an inherent evilness in us all and we are all insane to a certain degree. Some are just more evil and less sane than others, whether it be by upbringing, circumstance, or tragedy. We all hold the capacity to be Hannibal Lecter’s and Jack the Ripper’s, but because of outside influences on our lives and different circumstances, we choose not to. And then there are those who choose to do so. The ones we call crazy and yet publicly admire. We demonize them for what they have done and how they think and at the same time we glamorize them because the simple realization that a person could actually think that way and do these things fascinates us. But still, why do these people do these horrible things? Why would Holmes kill so many people? He didn’t need to kill so many and yet he did. That is what I am hoping to discover and that is why there should be a…

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