Hank Kolb, Director Quality Assurance Essay

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Hank Kolb, Director, Quality Assurance
Problem Definition
The fundamental problem is management. Senior management lacks the policies and visible support of a quality philosophy such as following a ISO 9000 Quality System. Even though they have recently appointed Hank Kolb to oversee their quality program, which is a move in the right direction, there is still a lack of visible senior management support for quality.
The fundamental problem shows up in a number of symptoms such as putting schedule and market share above quality and safety. It also shows up as a poor attitude about quality. Quality is viewed as an add on, inspected in, and is an impedance to doing their job. Proper training is not viewed as a prerequisite to start a
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2. They could do nothing and continue to focus on getting the product out the door until the demand stabilized the figure out what the best course of action would be. 3. They could perform a make/buy analysis to determine if they should off-load the production to another company.
4. They could focus on the equipment with full time maintenance staff to keep the machine up and running properly.
5. They could start collecting data on why and how the machine breaks down.
6. They can implement better design, manufacturing, and testing processes along with ensuring training is a requirement to operate any process.
7. They can start to design for manufacturing and use facts to guide there decisions.
8. They can analyze if this product fits strategically with their company’s goals and objectives.
9. They can do a cost/benefit analysis to see if they should invest in better machines.
10. They could start with senior management to manage the company by a visible quality philosophy and take a long term view of their company where they empower the Quality director to institute quality programs that infiltrate the attitudes of all employees across the company. Evaluation of Alternatives
Alternatives 1, while it may get product out the door it is not currently meeting the market demand and does little, if any thing, to solve the problems. Alternative 2 does not resolve the

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