Hanging Out at the Circus Essay

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Rosemarie Miller
EDU-210 Foundations of Education
March 23, 2014
Woody Mason

Hanging out at the Circus For my observation I went to a circus that the Middle and High Scholars hosted to kick off their spring play Barnum. I would have to say it was a mini circus. They had plenty of cotton candy, candy apples as well as popcorn for the young boys and girls. There were bouncing houses and fun mirrors and lots of clowns walking around. A few of the things I got to see was a breaded woman, tallest man, and smallest woman. Below are a few other observations I had while at the Circus. Upon walking around there were several clicks that consisted of boys and girls, just girls and all boys. Each group had their own communication
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Only one girl had a nose ring and I think she had her tongue pierced but I could not tell for sure. When she spoke I thought I saw a pink stud. She was showing off her belling button earring by wearing a short tank top. Majority of the kids were wearing jeans with shirts. While most of the kids were dressed nice the groups still consisted of those that wore name brand and those that did not. I did notice a few exceptions within the group of boys. I could defiantly distinguish the social classes by the brand of clothing and shoes. The girls and boys had positive attitudes but relatively low meaning conversations with interesting verbiage. There was an excessive amount of laughing and giggling from the girls mainly. In the groups with boys and girls there was some flirting? Two of the girls were seating in the boys laps. A good many of the kids were holding hands and a few of the boys had their hands wrapped around the girls. There was not much kissing but one couple did give a quick peak. Within a group of boys I heard a joke that went something like this. “Pick any Two Types of Service Cheap, Fast or Good. He continues to say Cheap and Good ant goanna be Fast, Fast and Good ant goanna be Cheap, Fast and Cheap ant goanna be Good.” All the boys laughed as if it was hilarious asking him to repeat it. The girls were talking about shopping for prom dresses. Some expressing they wanted lots of “Bling Bling”, while others were looking for “Sheik”. The

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