Handheld Technological Devices Causes A Great Variety Of Health Problems

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Handheld technological devices causes a great variety of health problems. The emission of blue light from the ipad and kids holding them up close to their face may cause vision problems. In 1970, it was clear that about twenty-five percent of twelve to fifty-four year old Americans were nearsighted. However, this number jumped to forty-two percent by the early 2000 's (Radcliffe,Shawn, Is Technology Causing a Lifetime of Pain for Millennials, Healthline). In the research presented by the American Optometric Association indicated that more than seventy percent of the people working on computer monitor experience computer vision syndrome (Kohli,Which of these 5 technology related health problems do you have?,The Health Site). Given that, we can see the range of vision problems that may occur due to the use of technology for a long period of time. One of the most noticeable effects on using handheld technology is neck pain. Many people tilt their head forward and down while using their technology, which overtime, this bad posture will lead to the wear and tear in the spine. This posture increases pressure on your cervical spine from ten or fifteen to sixty pounds. It is much like dangling an eight year old kid from their forehead (Radcliffe,Shawn Is Technology Causing a Lifetime of Pain for Millennials?, Healthline). As a result, a student may have a lifelong effect on them from a back or a neck injury. Moreover, the artificial light given off by handheld technologies can…

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