Handel Vs. Bach Of The Greatest Baroque Era Essay

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Handel Vs. Bach
Two of the greatest Baroque Era composers who still influence music to this today with their compositions are Johan Sebastian Bach and George Fredrick Handel. The influence of Bach and Handel are found in mainstream media throughout the world. Their compositions are still played in modern times by tribute bands, television commercials, opera concerts and even sound therapies by relaxation therapists. It is evident that their music has touched the lives of many people. Bach and Handel both had unique styles of music. Even though they are similar in some ways, they are also uniquely distinctive in other ways.
Handel and Bach composed music for similar types of instruments and genres; they composed pieces for harpsichords, pipe organs & other solo instruments and also composed small orchestras to solo vocal soloists’ choruses. They both wrote compositions for some of the same type of works such as Fugues, Preludes, and Suites. Although, Handel wrote some operas, Bach wrote much more church music such as Cantatas and Passions. To distinguish the difference of these two great composers it is not an easy thing to do. Handel used much simpler harmonic progressions, on the other hand Bach had much more surprising harmonic shifts. Handel preferred simpler textures, only three different melodies happening at the same time with different instruments. Bach, with a more outstanding style, had the ability to compose music with four or more independent voices within his…

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