Hand Washing Essay

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Research Proposal Sample on Do nurses in radiology wash their hands adequately and of specified time length?
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Do nurses in radiology wash their hands adequately and of specified time length?

1.0 Introduction

Radiology refers to the specialty of medicine which deals with the application of imaging technology such as x-ray and radiation to diagnosing and treating disease. Interventional radiology is performed with the guidance of imaging technologies. Medical imaging is a function of the radiographer or the radiologic technologist. Radiology nurses also perform the medical procedure wherein they provide care and support to patients undergoing diagnosis in radiation imaging environments. Some of the medical
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Other research questions are:

1) How do radiology nurses perceive the procedure of hand hygiene?

2) Generally, are radiology nurses aware of the detriments of improper hand hygiene?

3) What are the reasons why radiology nurses perform poorly or well when it comes to hand hygiene?

3.0 Aim and Objectives

The main aim of this study is to evaluate whether radiology nurses are well-aware and competent of the hand hygiene procedure. Specifically, the research purports to:

· Determine the perceptions of radiology nurses of hand hygiene

· Distinguish the reasons behind why radiology nurses perform, inadequately perform and do not perform hand hygiene

4.0 Methodology

The research strategy that the study will utilize is the descriptive method. A descriptive research intends to present facts concerning the nature and status of a situation, as it exists at the time of the study (Creswell, 1994). It is also concerned with relationships and practices that exist, beliefs and processes that are ongoing, effects that are being felt, or trends that are developing (Best, 1970). In addition, such approach tries to describe present conditions, events or systems based on the impressions or reactions of the respondents of the research (Creswell, 1994). Descriptive studies make use of observation.

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