Hand Hygiene For The Health Sector Essay

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Hand hygiene is a general term applying to the utilization of soap, water and the utilization of hand rub to the surface of the hands (Public Health Ontario, 2008, p., 2).Effective hand hygiene is the absolute most essential system in counteracting healthcare associated infections. Germs spread mostly through our hands and in various ways, in order to reduce the spread of infection it is important that healthcare professionals take hand hygiene seriously (Aziz, 2013, p.458). In the health care settings it is imperative that staff wash their hands when they get in contact with patients who are sick in order to prevent the spread of infection form patient to patient and to themselves. People die every day in the world from infections acquired while receiving treatment (WHO, 2009). However hand hygiene practice in the health sector has remained low despite its importance, in regards to infection control. The increase of hospital acquired infections is due to the lack of compliance on hand hygiene amongst the healthcare workers. Hand washing is an important technique in removing or reducing the number of micro-organisms from hands. Prevention of infection through hand hygiene is important for patients to receive safe and effective care, and healthcare workers must follow the practice of hand hygiene on a daily basis as they provide care (Department of Health, 2015). This essay will discuss the prevention of infection control through hand hygiene in patient care and how…

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