Essay on Hand Guns: Legalize or Ban?

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Megan Oster
ENC1102 – Crombie
Rogerian Argument
April 20, 2011
Hand Guns: Legalize or Ban?
There have always been questions as to if hand guns should be legal, or illegal, to all citizens. Is it right for anyone to carry a gun and shoot it when they want to? Many people believe that anyone has the right to walk in to a store and buy a gun, while others think there should be more involved, such as background checks and identification papers. There have always been arguments between pro and anti-gun citizens, and even with the new rules out there are still arguments. There are people who say hand guns in a home can only cause accidents. This is valid because there have been several incidents where a child has thought that a gun is a toy
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If guns were outlawed and criminals were still finding a way to access a gun, a person would be helpless against them. People who support guns are aware of the accidental deaths caused by the misuse of guns, however, there are also a lot of people killed each day by careless drivers. They are aware that unintentional deaths can be caused by a variety of different things and not just because of guns.
The question of whether or not guns should be legal was, and still is, a huge ordeal in today’s society. There may be a way to find compromise, but there are also no ways of having both sides agree. Some believe the laws relating to having a handgun should be changed to be stricter on who they give permits to in order to carry a gun. Getting a permit could require a full background check and several forms of identification. A waiting period of one to three weeks can be required also. In some states, any person can walk into a gun shop and give a fake name and leave with a gun. Another way to compromise would be to completely limit guns to gun or shooting ranges and hunting land. This way, those who want to use guns can be at a safer shooting environment so no accidents occur. It is possible to decrease the number of accidental deaths caused by guns without banning them completely.

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