Hancock, By John Hancock

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In the movie ”Hancock” John Hancock is a drunk with superhero powers. Flight, invulnerability, and super strength is what kind of powers he possesses. Hancock never shows any responsibility for his action, which makes civilians see him as a threat rather than a hero. Hancock looks discombobulated and seems like he been through a hard time in his life. Hancock wants to change, but doesn’t know how to start. Until he meets someone who helps him find his inner hero. So now Hancock begins to shine into the hero everyone wanted, but doesn’t realize that one problem still remains. I’m going to be taking a closer look at the remaining problem.

Hancock woke up in a hospital not knowing where he was, who he is, and if he was alone. He finds out his
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He isn’t wearing that same beat up hat. Hancock also shows no idiosyncrasy of his old self, which shows he has actually progressed at this point. His body movement shows that he is revealing something. Hancock starts drinking and confessing how he felt. To make himself look less miserable he makes the story look like a joke. He asks himself why no one came to see him, he accepted that he might be a bad person if no one would even care if he was hurt. The Director added light onto Hancock’ face, which shows him smirking. Although the smirk seems undoubtedly strong which means he could be faking it. However, Hancock has a drink in his left hand as well which it could be another reason why he is so happy telling the story.The Director also tells Hancock to position his left hand vertical which shows rational and conservative behavior, which means he is acting different than what was expected. Hancock should be whimpering or at least serious about the situation. The Director wanted this tone to be emotional. In this scene Hancock is telling a depressing story so the Director tried to create that tone by having him smirk instead of sob since Hancock not the type to whimper. There are 3 plates on the table to show that Ray is also eating with them. Directors added his hand to show that Ray was still at the table while Hancock was telling his …show more content…
If you look at the picture Mary has a great deal of lightning on her. Hancock didn’t notice that Mary is crying as he gave his depressing story. The light is on her to show that she is also a main focus as well. The Director showed Mary is crying to let the viewers know this is not an amusing story. Her eyes are a little red since she was crying. Mary also rubs her hands together, which means she could be thinking about something. What's on her mind? Hancock because her eyes are really focused on him. Mary is focused on him since she knows secrets were kept from him. The Director has Mary dressed in some type of Greek clothing style. Although this could mean she posses powers as well or that she is the one for

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