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Han and Roman Empires The Roman Empire existed between 31 B.C.E to 476 C.E. and the Han Dynasty occurred 202 B.C.E. to 220 C.E. They existed at same times but were on opposite ends of Eurasia. They both had regions that were ruled by either kings, viceroys or governors in the name of the emperor. They were both similar in slavery, government, and their downfall. They also had their differences in religion, military, and center of power. Both civilizations had very strong central

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Over eighty percent of Rome was dedicated to agriculture, however, Rome was considered an urban empire due to rule coming from the cities. Both cultures had different views on state and family. The hierarchy, which was affected by Confucius thought, was emphasized in China as compared to Rome. In China, family was a main model for the state and the society and in Rome family wasn’t.

There, in truth, was never a definite ideology of political organization for the state and its rulers to abide by. This may explain why there was never a reemergence of the Roman imperial model.

In Conclusion, the cost of such a vast empire was more than the government and its people could handle. The broad borders of the two empires needed too much maintenance and were expensive. To keep up with the rising problem, the state was

forced to tax its citizens. This caused a loss of the loyalty of the public and many borders were abandoned, which weakened the government. The two governments could not afford this problem and “failed to extend the life of the empire” (Albert 1) and they eventually collapsed. However, the new immigrant groups that grew in those areas tried to maintain the culture of the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty after they were
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