The Code Of Hammurabi

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The Code of Hammurabi, also known as the Code of Laws, is one of the earliest sets of laws found. Hammurabi wrote these laws in the city of Babylon. “He felt that he had to write them to please his Gods. He did not consider himself related to any God, although he did call himself “the favorite of the gods”.” (Babylonia - Code of Hammurabi - Crystalinks.) Although the laws were written in Babylon, they were carried throughout all of Mesopotamia. Hammurabi was the King of Babylon. There are many different views on the way that people feel Hammurabi was as a leader. Some people think that he was too harsh with the Code of Laws, while others think that the laws were what people needed to be able to behave and run a civil society. Some people may …show more content…
Obviously, there were disagreements about the codes. There were more people to disagree with the codes and punishments rather than agree. The punishment system was too harsh.”The death penalty was stated no less than 30 times throughout Hammurabi’s codes.” (Marc van de Mieroop- “King of Hammurabi of Babylon” book- Blackwell Publishing- 2005) With the death penalty being listed this many times, it is safe to say that the punishment was too harsh. The punishment should not have always been the death penalty. Hammurabi’s codes were meant to equalize the society and make fairness. Killing people was not an equal way to do things. Having a fair punishment could help the people learn their lessons and this would equalize the society better. There was also a problem with women having equal treatment through the laws. On the other hand, women could get an inheritance. “There were laws protecting a woman in the event that her husband was taken captive in war and had to live with another man when her food ran out. There were also laws that governed the support a temple-woman should receive from her brothers after her father had died.” ("Code of Hammurabi: Tech Media Network: 2016) This proves that Hammurabi did put a great amount of thought into his laws by letting women have some support. Yes, the laws may not have always been fair but a few of them were at least …show more content…
One law that really seems to catch someone’s eye is the law of mother and son committing insect. If a mother and her son got caught committing insect, they would automatically be burned to death. The penalties and the punishments of the lawbreaker depended on the lawbreaker and the victim. Many people ask today why Hammurabi’s laws were not carried through to present day. Present day laws are nowhere near as harsh as Hammurabi’s Code of Laws were. So how and why did Hammurabi’s codes die out?
The Code of Laws and Hammurabi’s empire started to die out when he died in 1750 B.C. By 1595 B.C. the whole empire and the laws had completely demolished. Hammurabi’s Code did prove to be influential because eventually the laws made their way back little by little. The laws became rediscovered by the early 20th century. By 1901, a team of archeologists uncovered evidence that proved that there were some crazy and almost unbelievable things that happened during Hammurabi’s time. Some of the evidence is actually kept on display

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