Hamlet And Hamartia Essay

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Introduction Topic: A comparison of the element of Hamartia in “Agamemnon”, “Hamlet” and “ The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”. Thesis Statement: The protagonists in “Agamemnon”, “Hamlet” and in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” are subjected to their downfalls as a result of hamartia (tragic errors or simple mistakes) committed by them due to their error in judgement or possessing a fundamental flaw in their characters. Mapping Scheme (Your Main Points): • Hamlet struggles with his determination to avenge his father causing him to suffer emotionally. His inability to act on anything leads to tragic death of many lives including his own. • Similar to Hamlet, Prufrock suffers from an indecisiveness to act or speak that pushes him apart …show more content…
He also starts to doubt if the ghost is really his father, and begins to believe the ghost may be a devil. He also convinces himself that he needs more evidence before he can decide to kill his uncle. The fact that he did not take revenge right away and continued to drag out the task mulling over and over if he were making right decision ended up causing the deaths of so many people including his own. Although Hamlet (hesitating to take a revenge on his father’s killer) and Prufrock (hesitating to connect with people) have totally different circumstances and situations, these two characters show to the audiences and readers that their over-analytical personalities are the same in many ways. Similar to Hamlet, Prufrock suffers from an indecisiveness to act or speak that pushes him away from the rest of society. Prufrock believes it would be more suitable if he had been born as a crab that scuttles across the bottom of the quiet ocean. I think this is the perfect self-evaluation that Prufrock can describe himself. He feels that he is way out of left field. The crab is the perfect description of Prufrock, because crabs are protected in the shell. It reflects self-protection. It also emphasizes the idea that Prufrock is always

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