Hamlet's Desire For Revenge In The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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In Shakespeare The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, the father of the title character is dead. The play, a classic example of Shakespearian tragedy, contains within a number of smaller tragedies. All these tragedies, despite their individual differences, can be traced to Hamlet’s desire for revenge. Hamlet’s dawdling to get revenge caused more tragedies.
A ghost comes into Hamlet’s life and claimed he knew what has happened to his Hamlet’s father. The ghost was Hamlet’s father. At first, Hamlet did not believe the ghost. The ghost said, “Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” (1.5.25). The ghost was telling Hamlet that he needed to get revenge on the person who had killed his father. The ghost revealed that Claudius the King
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This death could have been prevented. Although Polonius death was an accident, it could have been averted. Polonius put himself in such a position that it seemed like he was trying to kill Hamlet. Hamlet was being aware of his surrounding as he had thought someone was planning to kill him. Hamlet did not trust anyone because he did not know who to trust. Every person he thought Claudius had sent must have been there to kill him. Any person in Hamlet’s position would have done the same thing. Polonius himself was a cunning character. Hamlet was trying to protect his mother and says “how now a rat? dead for a ducat, dead” (3.4.24). Hamlet had killed Polonius by protecting his mother. Polonius was spying on them. Hamlet could stop himself from killing Polonius, but he did not think rationally in that …show more content…
Claudius was the reason for Laertes’ death. Claudius’ evilness made Laertes and Hamlet duel. The sword that Hamlet used to kill Laertes was actually to be used against Hamlet. Hamlet had killed Laertes with a poisoned sword. Hamlet would have not killed Laertes, if the sword was not poisoned. Claudius had poisoned the sword which, he wanted Laertes to kill Prince Hamlet. Claudius was hoping to get rid of Hamlet by ordering Laertes to poison him. Claudius had ordered Laertes as “he sends to know if your pleasure holds to play/with Laertes, or that you will take longer time” (5.2.182-183). Claudius is also to blame because he killed King Hamlet. After he killed him, Claudius went on to marry Hamlet’s mom and then became the King of Denmark. Hamlet did not know what Claudius has planned. The situation Hamlet was in caused him to kill Laertes he needs to be alive to gain revenge on Claudius. In the end Hamlet is the one to blame, as he kills the most people in the

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