Hamlet 's Revenge Tragedy, By William Shakespeare Essay

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Hamlet Essay

Shakespeare’s revenge tragedy, Hamlet (1892) is a prevailing text, which encompasses perennial concerns not only applicable to the elizabethan era, but also to our contemporary society, enabling us as a critical audience to successfully engage with Hamlet as a character. As a result of corruption, Hamlet is perceived as an afflicted character struggling to live in a world of complex appearances and paradoxical actions. Consequently, his overwhelming desire and reason for filial revenge is instigated, reflecting the intricate nature of the human condition in the undertaking of his vengeance. Moreover, these prominent concerns are cohesively resonated throughout the text, thus establishing textual integrity and further heightening the plays enduring effect.

The ghost scene confirms the underlying corruption, which is a reoccurring motif depicted as an infective disease that slowly destroys from within. Through the understanding of the Elizabethan concerns which prominently enhances our interpretation of the play, see a credible reason for Hamlet’s revenge. Immediately it is evident that Old Hamlet was corrupted with poison, portrayed through the powerful degenerative disease imagery, “courses through the natural gates and alleys of the body”. This illustrates corruption as an insidious malady, analogous to Claudius’ poisonous and cunning actions, inevitably contaminating society and the other characters. As the ghost continues his revelation, we sympathise with…

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