Essay about Hamlet 's Madness Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Ophelia’s Madness Ophelia has gone mad because her father’s death. Hamlet has rejected denounced her. Ophelia’s madness shows the difference between appearances vs. reality. Hamlet’s madness isn’t real, while Ophelia’s is.
Claudius and Laertes’ Plan In Act 4 Scene 7 Claudius reveals his two tier plan to Laertes. They will poison the tip of Laertes sword, so that even a small scratch will kill him. If that fails they will also poison a cup of wine and offer it to hamlet. Claudius uses flattery of Laertes’ swordsmanship to convince Laertes to join in on his plot to kill Hamlet. Claudius doesn 't care about Laertes ' honor. He just wants to get rid of Hamlet. This shows appearance vs. reality. Another theme that appears is death and corruption, Claudius has corrupted Laertes into joining in on his plan.
Skull of Yorick The Grave digger in Act 5 Scene 1 points out a skull to Hamlet. This skull is the skull of Yorick, an old court jester. Hamlet was shocked, he had once known Yorick. Hamlet examines the skull, and this is where Hamlet realizes that death will come to everyone, that it is inevitable The skull of Yorick is a big symbol on the theme of death. Hamlet understands that death will come to all, that no one can avoid fate. No matter who you are, whether a king or a peasant, death is everyone’s fate. Hamlet realizes that he will be put in the grave with no identity. This reflects his loss of innocence.
Osric Osric is a man who used to be a commoner, but moved up…

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