Essay about Hamlet : William Shakespeare 's Hamlet

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Drama Analysis: Hamlet 'To be or not to be '. This is a very famous literary cue, and which characterizes both the play hamlet and his author William Shakespeare. For the drama analysis paper I chose to do it over Hamlet. A play read by many and known by even more than that. A rather long play out of the book as well. The book even states that, "Hamlet must be the best known of all characters in the theater of the world". I am going to first give a story line or a short summary of the play.
Even thought Hamlet is in Germany, the plays setting starts in Denmark where he is being summoned for his fathers funeral. When he arrives he finds that his mother has already remarried. She is now with his uncle Claudius, and Hamlet regards this as "foul Incest". Soon after Hamlet finds out that his uncle has assumed the thrown, and this is when he begins to suspect foul play. This realization sets up the theme of revenge and justice.
His suspicions are confirmed when the ghost of his father shows up, and tells him that his uncle killed him. Claiming that he is unable to rest in piece, because he was murdered. He wants Hamlet to avenge his death by murdering Claudius, but to spare Gertrude. This is all bringing together the plot, and showing the basis of how the storyline got started. With Hamlet being the protagonist we know that he is the 'good guy ', and he 's going to be fighting some sort of evil. Whether that concerns someone of something within himself.
Hamlet soon begins…

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