Hamlet to Be or Not to Be Soliloquy Analysis Essay

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The "To Be or Not To Be" speech in the play, "Hamlet," portrays Hamlet as a very confused man. He is very unsure of himself and his thoughts often waver between two extremes due to his relatively strange personality. In the monologue, he contemplates whether or not he should continue or end his own life. He also considers seeking revenge for his father’s death. Evidence of his uncertainty and over thinking is not only shown in this speech, but it also can be referenced in other important parts of the play.

The topic of Hamlet’s soliloquy is his consideration of committing suicide. Throughout the speech, it is obvious that Hamlet is over thinking and wavering between two different extremes: life and death. "Whether 'tis nobler in the
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Another scene in the play outside of the monologue where Hamlet demonstrates his indecisive personality is when he is talking to Horatio. By saying, "Does it not, think thee, stand me now upon. He that hath killed my king, and whored my mother, Popped in between the'election and my hopes" (5, 2, 63-65), Hamlet states his reasons for killing Claudius. This shows that he is insecure regarding the decision that he made and wonders whether he has done the right thing. Hamlet tries to convince himself that he has made the right decision by listing his reasons for killing Claudius, as if to justify his behaviour.

In his speech, "To Be or Not To Be," Hamlet shows his character as being confused, fickle, and very uncertain. He shows this through his attitude towards life and death. How he compares the two and analyzes them both shows that he over analyzes everything that he does. His thinking about death shows his confusion. These traits are not only shown in this monologue, but in other parts of the play too. Through his contemplation over life and death, Hamlet learns that he would rather live and avenge his father's death than die. He chooses this option partly due to his fear of the unknown that death presents and partly because he truly believes that the kingdom does not belong to his uncle and that he deserves

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