Hamlet, The Prince Of Denmark Essay example

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Firstly, Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, presents many different qualitites throughout the play. He is put in many situations and his behavior and actions are always driven by his strong-minded personality. With that being said, he is very impulsive and demonstrates this in many ways. At the beginning of the play, readers witness this behavior when he drops his education the minute he is informed about his father’s death. Also, he is responsible for the deaths of many of the characterssuch as Rosenchrantz, Guldenstern and Polonius due to his rash decisions. As a matter of fact, in act 3 scene 6, Polonius discusses with Gertrude about Hamlet’s recent behavior. They conclude that Gertrude must speak with her son about that issue. When Hamlet arrives, Polonius hides behind a curtain then Gertrude and him get into an argument about the late King and Claudius. Hamlet, furious, instantly acts violent towards his mother and accidentally kills Polonius. Furtherore, Hamlet is portrayed as being a very vengeful person. He becomes obsessed with his father’s death and does everything in his power in order to prove that his uncle is guilty of committing the crime. Moreover, it is evident throughout the play that Hamlet is a thoughtful and philosophical person. Many times readers are given the opportunity to hear his thought about the after life and the wisdom of suicide. It is evident Hamlet is fascinated with the concept of death and expresses his feelings towards this frequently. In act…

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