Hamlet : The Perfect Blend Of Decisiveness And Enough Control

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One particular point that I love about Hamlet, the character, is the perfect blend of decisiveness and enough control to not make rash decisions. Throughout the play, Hamlet is thrown into several predicaments in which he has to make difficult decisions. Hamlet encounters a ghost that claims to be his deceased father and the ghost said “Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” (1.5.31). This ghost is saying to commit an act of treason and kill the sitting king, Claudius, because revenge needs to be taken. This is a lot to comprehend for a boy that recently lost his father. Some say that Hamlet is being indecisive for taking so long to decide whether or not to kill Claudius. I frankly disagree with it because it is a huge decision that Hamlet needed to make. First of all, he has to make the decision whether or not the ghost is actually his father. Secondly, Hamlet has to decide if the vengeance is worth the consequences. All of this together with his mother marrying the suspected murderer is most certainly overwhelming for Hamlet and he should be able to think it over before he makes his decision. With making his decision to take down Claudius, Hamlet has to deal with the reality of death. I think that his famous “To be or not to be” soliloquy directly tackles the issue. He has to make the decision whether or not to bear the cross of not doing anything when he might potentially know the truth about the death of his father or to take action and possibly die standing up for…

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