Essay on Hamlet, The Infamous Play By William Shakespeare

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While reading Hamlet, the infamous play by William Shakespeare, one question that always reoccurred in my mind is why didn’t Hamlet become king if he was the prince? This question was then followed up by: how old is Hamlet? Before I read the play I knew the main context of Hamlet, however, what I did not know was how complex the plot truly is. In the beginning of the play, I always thought of Hamlet in his young twenties due to his recent attendance at the University of Wittenberg. This made sense to me since most students who attend university are in their early twenties. Keeping my analysis in mind, Hamlet, in the 16th century, was of age to become King, so how did Claudius surpass him? This was the question that led me to two other conclusions. One conclusion was that maybe primogeniture was not practiced in Denmark during the 16th century; therefore the new king was based off of an election process. This first conclusion led to my second conclusion that, given I have just read the Act 1 Scene 1, maybe Hamlet was too young, which would conclude to Hamlet being too immature in the public’s eye to be the reigning king of Denmark. I thought that this article would answer my questions based off of the title and that the first paragraph asks exactly the same questions that I had in mind. The article did not answer my question directly; Matthew Harkins never gave me an exact age except the age of Hamlet given at the end of the book. Although the article did not answer my…

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