Hamlet Revenge Analysis

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Hamlet uses revenge to help solve his tragic problems that were forced into his life. Hamlet plan to seek revenge for his father, King Hamlet, who was murder by his brother King Claudius, King of Denmark. The author of Hamlet, William Shakespeare, structured the story in five acts and rotated multiple main characters to help interpret the climax. Since King Claudius murder King Hamlet, the rest of the royal family and friends had to suffer from Hamlet 's revenge, madness and murder.

Seeking revenge is a response from the victim who has been attacked and feels mixed emotions of hatred, anger, betrayal and powerlessness. In the story, Hamlet was approached by a ghost who appears to be his father. The ghost, King Hamlet, secretly shares to his
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Which causes Laertes, Ophelia dad to think Hamlet is going crazy from his daughter 's love and which drives Ophelia to go crazy and ends ups dying. Throughout the story, Hamlet was not the only one who was seeking revenge. Young Fortinbras and Laertes were also looking for revenge both due to the death of their fathers. Only one out of the three were able to seek success. Young Fortinbras was able to seek revenge successfully and was able to rise to power. The two other characters, Hamlet and Laertes, who were seeking revenge, led them to death. Since three of the characters of Hamlet were seeking revenge for the same reason, and caused multiple love ones from the royal family to die in the process, shows that revenge was big impact on the story’s …show more content…
In the play, "Hamlet", William Shakespeare uses a deep non ending cycle of deaths throughout the plot. The story first opens with a death, the murder of King Hamlet. Prince Hamlet was left with no reasoning to his father 's death and had to accepted that his Uncle Claudius is taking the throne as king and his mother Gertrude marrying his uncle within a two week period of his father death. Then to make it even harder to cope with the death of his father. His father 's ghost appears to Hamlet, telling him what caused him to die. It was Claudius who was behind it all. "Murder most foul, as in the best it is”. “But this most foul, strange and unnatural". (Ghost 1.5 25-28

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