Over Thinking Actions In Hamlet

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The Over-Thinking Actions that Led to a Fatal Outcome

There are many assumptions conducted by different people that observe Hamlet’s fatal flaw, but according to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Hamlet’s delay, and ultimately his downfall, is caused by too much thinking. His overthinking of every action causes the death of himself and others. This is why this is a theory can be supported from watching the scenes from the movie. His inability to kill Claudius and his hesitation in trusting the ghostly figure of his father are just two examples that show proof of how his overthinking shades his perception. Everyone is looking on his action and people are working against him, which is causing him to overthink. With the pressure from others, he makes fatal mistakes that cause the death of himself and others.
The death of Hamlet’s father puts Hamlet into a slight depression. He thinks about suicide and for months, he never leaves his room. His mental illness is illustrated in his soliloquies throughout the play. The time Hamlet spent being emotionally distraught could’ve been used to be doing other activities. There might have been a point where he could’ve used his time more wisely instead of continuously
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Hamlet undergoes many obstacles during this process. In previous acts he had chances to kill him. For example, when they are both alone and Claudius is confessing his sins. Hamlet missed this opportunity, however, because he wants Claudius to suffer as his father did, and remain in after life without reassurance of his fate. Hamlet went to the extent of making actors and actresses act a play he edited. This would give him the chance to observe Claudius’ actions when the play recreates the scene as to how he murdered Hamlet’s father. This process is so extreme and complicated. If he had just thought wise and logical about the situations before, he could’ve prevented various deaths at the end of the

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