Essay Hamlet Is A Play By William Shakespeare

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Hamlet is a play by William Shakespeare a story revenge ending in total tragedy. In the play the brother named Claudius of the king poisons him while he sleeps in his garden. Hamlet the son of the late king then learns of this atrocity and embarks on his scheme of revenge. By the end of the play, he kills the right hand man of the king Polonius, the new king Claudius, and the son of Polonius Laertes. While in the finale of the play Claudius attempt to kill Hamlet ends with him accidentally killing his wife Gertrude the ex-wife of the late king and mother to Hamlet. Shakespeare uses the motifs of madness and poison to develop the power of corruptibility over human emotion. Shakespeare uses the symbol of poison to show the corruptibility of his characters. King Hamlet’s ghost tells Hamlet: “With juice of cursed hebona in a vial and in the porches of my ears did pour the leprous distilment” (I, 5, 69-71). Shakespeare uses the murder of king Hamlet with poison to show the corruption in Claudius by stooping so low to the point of poisoning someone while they sleep. Claudius grew highly jealous of his brother’s throne over time corrupting him the point of remorsless murder in a most foul degree. As Claudius’ corruption spreads throughout himself it starts to bleed out onto those near him, such as young Laertes. After Laertes hears of his father’s death at the hands of Hamlet, he says: “to cut his throat I’ th’ church” Claudius responds, “no place indeed should murder sancturize…

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