Hamlet Death Analysis

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Already in in act 5 of Hamlet the theme of death is prominent because the first thing that happens in scene one is Hamlet and Horatio find two gravediggers and talk to them about the grave they are digging. But before Hamlet and Horatio come upon them the two gravediggers are talking about where this person should be buried. Well obviously in the graveyard right? Wrong. Religion was very important during that time period. If someone committed suicide they weren’t allowed to be buried in a graveyard. That was reserved for common people. Religious leaders and others were buried under the church. Once Hamlet and Horatio start talking to the gravediggers about the grave and who it is for they don’t give a straight answer. Hamlet finds Yoricks skull and comes to the conclusion everyone just ends up in a grave. He also says “Imperial Caesar, dead and turned to clay, might stop a hole to keep …show more content…
This whole play Hamlet has wanted to kill him for his father’s murder. After Laertes tells Hamlet that it was the kings plan Hamlet is in a fit of rage! “The point envenomed too! Then, venom, do thy work” [Stabs the king] “Oh yet defend me, friends. I am but hurt.” He is so set on having Hamlet killed that he forgets that Hamlet is poisoned too. “Here thou incestuous, murd’rous, damned Dane, drink off this potion. Is thy union here? Follow my mother.” (Act 5 scene 2 lines 331-337) Hamlet stabs the king with a poisoned sword and then makes him drink the rest of the poison. The king tries to get the people to kill Hamlet but everyone knows it’s useless. Everyone has been cut with a poisoned sword! They just have to wait like five minutes and they are dead. Once the poison starts kicking in on Hamlet he talks to Horatio and tells him not to commit suicide. In the middle of all of this Fortinbras is attacking Elsinore and Hamlet, instead of just leaving his kingdom to die, he names Fortinbras the

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