Essay about Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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In Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, the idea of characters mimicking or doubling each other is very prevalent throughout the text. However, the idea of doubling characters and foiling characters play two different roles throughout the text. Doubling characters indicates that the characters are similar in the way that they act whereas foiling often when two characters contrast or differ greatly from one another. Two of the most important characters in the play, Hamlet and Ophelia, double one another with their madness; however, there are some differences in the way that the characters portray their insanity and use it within their families. Hamlet chooses to have full control over his madness whereas Ophelia actually starts going mad due to the grief of losing her father. Hamlet also uses his madness to manipulate those around in order for his own personal gain whereas Ophelia is shown to be manipulated by those around her.
Hamlet chooses to have full control over his madness and uses insanity to manipulate those around him. One example of how Hamlet uses his madness to manipulate those around him is when Hamlet is talks to Polonius after Hamlet has just run into Ophelia. Polonius is convinced that Hamlet is madly in love with his daughter, Ophelia when, in reality, Hamlet is just pretending to be crazy in order to get his revenge against Claudius. Polonius says, “As it hath used to do that I have found/ The very cause of Hamlet’s lunacy” (2.2 51-52). Polonius believes that the…

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