Essay on Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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"To achieve something one does not already possess; one must do something never done before." A classic quote that explains how King Claudius, the main antagonist in William Shakespeare 's Hamlet, seems to hold dear to his heart. King Claudius has one main goal and that is to protect his kingship by staying alive. On the other hand, Hamlet, Claudius ' stepson and nephew, desires to kill Claudius to acquire rightful revenge for his late father 's death. It is clear that by the closure of Act Three, Claudius is in the better position to achieve his goal because on countless occasions, Hamlet appears to be losing sight of his target, he is to be sent to England, Hamlet illustrates the signs of madness and last but not least, Claudius is the King and thus, the most powerful person in the state of Denmark. Claudius forestalls Hamlet in achieving his goal by confessional. Claudius wishes "all may be well" (III. iii. 72) and he bends his "stubborn knees" (III. iii. 73) on an attempt to be forgiven for his deeds. At this point, Hamlet walks in and observes the scene before him, finding the perfect opportunity to kill Claudius. Hamlet mentions that "now [he will] do 't" (III. iii. 76) but then he hesitates to ponder over the consequences, thinking that it "should be scann 'd" (III. iii. 76). This is the first wave that reveals Hamlet 's incontinence to accomplish something. Whereas, Claudius is "still possess 'd of those effects for which [he] did the murder" (III. iii. 54-55), his…

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