Essay about Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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In Hamlet, Shakespeare only includes two women in the play, they are both close to the main character, Hamlet, who sees both in two completely different ways and therefore treats them differently too, one with cynical love and the other with a regretful hatred. In Hamlet, Hamlet pretends to be crazy because he is plotting against his murderer of an uncle, Claudius, who killed his natural father and married his mother. From the statement of old King Hamlet, about his brother Claudius poisoning him, Hamlet smolders inside thinking that maybe his mother was a part of a conspiracy with her new found husband and had something to do with the murder of the old king. Hamlet is obnoxious towards his mother with back talk and sarcastic remarks, and later in the play inferring she knew something about the murder of her late husband and his late father. Hamlet’s treatment of his mother isn’t so much of an act as his treatment towards Ophelia, his lover. While Hamlet is acting crazy to trick everyone thinking he has gone mad, he his out of his mind rude to Ophelia in some parts of the play, but then there are moments like when he tells her to go to a nunnery, that the readers and audience can tell that Hamlet is not actually crazy, nor does he hate her, but he actually cares enough to tell her something like this. It made lead to a plan to come back to Ophelia in his mind, or he knows that that will be the only safe place for her, but it’s the thought, and not just the words that come…

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