Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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It is often by immediate sight that leads one to believe they can draw accurate conclusions based on another individual’s behaviour or presentation without possessing the evidence which supports their theory. In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, individuals are led to view others through their appearance rather than obtaining the knowledge of who they truly are. Ultimately, assuming the truth through false assumptions of others leads characters to their death, exposure, and reputable downfall. Characters in Hamlet are exposed through how they or others appear versus who they actually are. To start, Claudius exposes himself as the heartless person he’s always been as he refuses to stop Gertrude from consuming poison which is intended for Hamlet. Because Laertes and Claudius are the only two aware the drink is poisoned, Hamlet asks Claudius what state the Queen is in having just prior seen her collapse. In response Claudius states: She swounds to see them bleed” (Shakespeare 5.2. 303).
Meaning, she fainted as the two young men drew blood. This is a blatant lie, and as discovered by Hamlet over the past few months, Claudius is a man immersed with guilt and lies. First of all, The statement he makes saying: “she swounds to see them bleed.” This is false, as the real reason Gertrude collapses is because she consumed a poisonous drink and Claudius doesn’t have the decency to stop her. As previously mentioned, there are other instances where Claudius lies. It seemed as…

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