Essay on Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Gertrude plays a significant role to Hamlet because she is the caring and loving figure that keeps Hamlet in check by her parental actions. Gertrude on the outside might appear to be stiff, vain, and only care about material items, but in reality she has immense emotions for Hamlet. Gertrude frequently makes efforts to emphasize her parental authority over Hamlet to demonstrate that she has control. The phrases “Come, come, you answer with an idle tongue.” (1606) and “Why, how now, Hamlet!’ (1606) clearly show that Gertrude is using her power to acquire the information that she is requesting from Hamlet. When Hamlet is being foul to Gertrude, she addresses it because she won’t take it. On page 1607, Gertrude asks, “What have I done, that thou dar’st wag thy tongue in noise so rude against me?” The manner in this quote implies that she has done nothing wrong and that Hamlet might be acting dramatic. Her use of an insistent vocabulary allows the reader to reflect on her method of getting Hamlet to speak and his refusal on communicating with his mother. In act three: scene three, Hamlet is contemplating whether or not to kill Claudius but the main reasons why he does not is because of Gertrude and he does not want Claudius to go to heaven because he would be murdered while he is praying. Hamlet says, “And now I’ll do’t. And so ‘a goes to heaven; and so am I…

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