Essay on Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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The women in Hamlet are portrayed as weak, but are crucially important in the plot of the play. Ophelia and Gertrude both have a strong influence on the men’s actions and are used to shape Hamlet’s personality. We learn how Hamlet reacts when in love and how he acts towards his family. Although they are important characters, Shakespeare still displays them as frail, powerless and manipulated by the men around them. Hamlet often uses misogyny throughout the play and makes his negative feelings towards women obvious. These women are only a potential wife, sister or daughter to these men. Reading the play in modern day makes the women 's attitude seem questionable and overly submissive, but in Shakespeare’s day the male gender was favorable. A Shakespearean audience wouldn’t question these gender roles in the play, but now there is a big contrast between the times. Women weren’t allowed to act on stage then, yet be anything but powerless. Gertrude is introduced as the Queen who is put in the middle of conflict between her family. She remains oblivious to the fact that her son despises the idea of the incenstuous marriage to her husband’s brother, Claudius, not long after her husband’s murder. She never speaks of suspecting Claudius killing his brother while Hamlet has had his own suspicions since the very beginning. Hamlet makes it obvious how upset he is at his mother, and his opinion on how all women are weak by saying “Frailty, thy name is woman” (I.ii.150) Her ignorance to…

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