Essay about Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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Hamlet is a tragic play that ends with many lives being lost, one of whom was Ophelia. It would seem that this character’s love knew no bounds. She had a tremendously close relationship with her father, a well-respected official in the Danish court. In another aspect, Ophelia and Hamlet’s love was no secret for they were bona fide lovers. Although he treated her with little respect, she was still madly in love with him. Her endearment of the protagonist was boundless. The last of the men in her life was her brother, Laertes. These two siblings were extremely close but as Laertes departed for France, the vast number of miles in between them gradually began to drive a wedge into their relationship. Despite their separation, she continued to connect with her brother and loved him as if he was there with her everyday. However, in a matter of a few days, her father was brutally murdered by Hamlet. To make matters worse, Hamlet was going to be exiled to England, far away from her. Lastly, her brother, the last man she had in her life, was fueled by rage and blood thirst, for the one and only, Hamlet. Ophelia was driven mad by not only the loss of her father, but also by the departure of her lover and the growing hatred inside her dear brother. Polonius, the advisor to the Danish king, was also the father of Ophelia. Due to her close-knit relationship with him, Polonius’s death sent his dear daughter into a state of delirium and shock. Her father was there for her whenever she…

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