Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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In a world where much of what we do and say is based on social rules, at certain points, there is a need to mask what is truly passing through our minds. In Shakespeare’s tragedy, “Hamlet”, it is no different. For Hamlet, since a ghost with the figure of his father showed up to him and revealed that the new king Claudius, his father’s brother, was guilty of his own murder, Hamlet changed his entire perspective about the court and the ones who live in the castle. To worsen the tragedy, his uncle and king Claudius, was now married to Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude. In a strategy to confirm the ghost’s story, Hamlet plays madness and sets a play that depicts reality to find out the truth. However, Hamlet’s greatest flaw was to believe that he could see beyond people’s mask, thus, he had to recognize that he was a mere mortal and that our fate is guided by a higher power. In “Hamlet”, the characters use deception not only as a way to cover lies, but also to gain power, status, to find the truth, and to run away from reality. What is the difference between what it seems and what it is? Even though “Hamlet” was written in 1599-1602, the human nature and the action of pretending certain attitudes in a way to achieve one’s goal is still part of our current days. In this tragedy, a major obstacle that Hamlet has to deal with it is related to how fake everyone in the court is, because of this “a problem central to Hamlet’s theme wherein truth is evasive and every answer seems to lead to…

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