Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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"For who would bear the whips and scorn of time,//When he himself might his quietus make/ With a bare bodkin?" (Hamlet, line 77-83) I choose to use this as my critical quote because I feel it best defines hamlet 's state of mind in his soliloquy. In this quote he explains that one would want to die to end the hardships of life, using his own hardships as an example. This connection to himself is actually the only one there is to suggest Hamlet is indeed referring to his own emotions. In the soliloquy he never refers to himself, in fact in this quote is the only time he refers to an individual person through his use of "he himself," otherwise he keeps his dialogue completely theoretical. The audience can then assume that Hamlet is trying to separate himself from these ideas to deny that he would ever consider something such as suicide. Which is another noun he does not use in order to separate himself from the concept.
Comment on a character’s choices. Do they seem to be leading to an inevitable end? In this scene, Hamlet encounters Ophelia and argues with her. In his argument the audience expects Hamlet to continue his act of madness. Yet, in the encounter Hamlet claims he loved Ophelia at one point yet no longer does, a claim which appears true to the reader. By professing his love Hamlet makes himself appear fickle, weak, and emotionally withdrawn, none of which support his act of insanity.In turn this blur between what was real and an act causes the audience to…

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