Essay about Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, is a tragedy focusing on the character Hamlet, who is summoned to attend the wedding of his uncle to his mother and forced to avenge his father’s murder by killing King Claudius, his uncle. This task weighs heavily on his mental state and leads to further conflict. As with most tragedies, death is inevitable, and in this scenario, quite common. Death comes to all, from the sweet and misfortunate Ophelia to the sinister King Claudius. Hamlet is not immune from death either as he is sadly killed by Laertes who also seeks revenge after the death of his late father, Polonius. Much of the plot’s focal point is on the Hamlet’s state of mind and how it deteriorates as the play progresses. While it is not quite certain for much of the story if Hamlet is full-fledge insane, it is clear that Hamlet is not at his best mindset. Throughout his soliloquies, he is often conflicting between killing Claudius in revenge for his father, or committing suicide. His lack of action proves hazardous to his own well being as well as others since several characters die because he failed to rid himself of his task sooner. This resentment that soon harbors Hamlet’s soul is directed towards his uncle, his mother, and most importantly, himself. In his most passionate soliloquies, Hamlet seems to be deeply disturbed as he sees the only thing lacking in his ability to kill the King is a worthy man able to handle the pressure associated with avenging his father’s honor;…

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