Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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The play Hamlet written by William Shakespeare, is about a prince named Hamlet seeking revenge for his father’s death. Everyone in Denmark including Hamlet believed the King died because of a snake bite. But actually, Hamlet Sr. was killed by his own brother Claudius. After that occurred, Claudius became the king and married Hamlet Sr’s wife Gertrude. After a couple of nights of Claudius living in the castle as the King, Hamlet Sr. came to Hamlet Jr. as a ghost to tell him how he really died. When Hamlet Jr. found out that this his uncle killed his father and married his mother , he spent the rest of his time seeking revenge on his uncle Claudius. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet is pretending to be insane; Hamlet is only acting like this because he wants to get revenge on Claudius in his father’s honor .
Hamlet’s actions throughout the play demonstrated the actions of an insane man, but really Hamlet had planned everything that was going to happen . Hamlet used certain people to catch the attention of Claudius and Gertrude Ophelia is Polonius daughter; Polonius is the King’s counselor ,so Polonius will tell the king anything involving Hamlet .In act two and scene one of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet encountered Ophelia in her room. He pulled off an insane act towards Ophelia, so she was so frightened that she went to tell her father happened(Shakespeare Act.2 Sc.1). Opheila made it to her father completely stressed and be gained to explain what happened, saying “My…

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