Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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Madness springs from the inability to be independent, creative and expressive. In the play, "Hamlet", By William Shakespeare, women are viewed as fragile and helpless creatures who do not know what is good or bad for them. In this case, Ophelia, one of the minor characters, is constantly mistreated and burdened with conflict as she finds herself victimized by the patriarchal society, that she live in.. She goes from sane to utterly insane in a matter of months due to the abuse and manipulation done by the people around her. She becomes a victim of her boyfriend, Hamlet, bitterness and hatred toward women and an innocent pawn for her fathers sneaky scheme 's, which leads to her downfall. But, also much of the fault of her death came from the decisions of her frail and weak judgment.

Hamlet was Ophelia 's lover who turned on her and spoke harshly and cruel about her. She trusted him and falls in love with him, only to have the love unreturned. Many of Hamlet 's actions destroy Ophelia emotionally and slowly led to her breakdown. And because of this Hamlet can be seen as a someone that contributed to Ophelia 's death. Hamlet makes Ophelia believe that she is tainted by sinfulness and will never be pure. He talks horribly about Ophelia, which in actuality is transferring his anger from his mother 's actions to Ophelia. Hamlet says, "Get thee to a nunnery: why wouldst thou be a breeder of sinners?" (III.i.121-122), indicating how Hamlet believes Ophelia should go to a nunnery…

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