Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay example

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In William Shakespeare tragedy Hamlet, Hamlet, the title character, has been wronged in the entire play by Claudius’ marriage to his mother, therefore guaranteeing Claudius’ right to the throne in a sense. However, Hamlet and Horatio’s friendship is the only good thing to come out in this cold, harsh world Hamlet is set in, and this remains the one, constant force that remains strong and never change throughout the entirety of the play. This friendship, not only preserve’s Hamlet good name, but it also proves to be a strength for Hamlet, as Hamlet has a friend who is not only willing to stick by his side, but also a friend who will tell the world the truth behind Hamlet’s supposedly act of madness. Hamlet’s and Horatio’s friendship is not a disillusion, an act, or a lie, but it is the only real thing that Hamlet can be certain about, as he entrusts Horatio with his life story. In Hamlet, the trustworthy characters are quite difficult to identify, but Hamlet is notably the hero in this tale of corruption and pain, and therefore we feel more attached to him. It can be argued that he is the villain also. Hamlet, however, is the only character whose motives have not changed. He is also the only character to always be wronged, or mistaken for his actions. In this quote, Hamlet refers to himself as, “…the fraction that is wronged” (5.2.252). It is sympathetically important that “fraction” is used here, because it tells the reader that Hamlet is the only one in the current royal…

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