Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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Ophelia needs to be obedient as a women in a patriarchal society, and this is what separates her from Hamlet, who has power to change his fate. In the beginning, Hamlet and Ophelia’s relationship seems like an ordinary dating couples; Hamlet makes “many tenders of his affection” on her. However, Ophelia is then frankly told by both her father, Polonius, and brother, Laertes that Hamlet does not actually loves her. And they demand her to reject Hamlet. Being an obedient daughter, Ophelia refuses to return Hamlet’s love. She also agrees to help spy on Hamlet without thinking of the possible consequences.
During their encounter, Ophelia reveals that she had ceased all contact with Hamlet, as her father had ordered. Polonius decides that Hamlet has lost his mind because of his love for Ophelia. Then, Polonius reports Hamlet’s strange behavior to Claudius, presenting a love letter from Hamlet to Ophelia. At the urging of Claudius, Polonius sends Ophelia to learn more about Hamlet’s condition. Hamlet, possibly feeling betrayed by Ophelia or maybe just insane, says, “I did love you once,” but then proceeds to tell her “I loved you not.” For Hamlet, the difficult thing for him is to make a decision and to act. He chooses to feign indifference towards Ophelia, to deny that he loves her. According to Danielle Esposito, she explains that “Hamlet was supposed to get married to Ophelia sooner or later, to care for her, to protect her. At a time when women were totally submitted to…

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