Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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Love turns to madness, which in turn leads to death. Bluntly tragic, this line is fit for a Shakespearian play, and aptly applies to the fall of Ophelia in Hamlet: Prince of Denmark, by William Shakespeare. Though the main character is Hamlet himself, the maiden Ophelia provides an equally interesting figure. Amanda Mabillard explains in her article entitled “Ophelia”, “Of all the pivotal characters in Hamlet, Ophelia is the most static and one-dimensional. She has the potential to become a tragic heroine -- to overcome the adversities inflicted upon her -- but she instead crumbles into insanity, becoming merely tragic.” (Mabillard 1). In Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet, Ophelia’s innocence and dependence on the men in her life; specifically, her lover Hamlet; Laertes, her brother; and Polonius, her father; results in her madness and suicide.
Ophelia is the young daughter of Polonius, Lord Chamberlain to Claudius, the king of Denmark. She is much adored by Queen Gertrude and her brother Laertes, and she is the lover of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Though she is only an innocent maiden, Ophelia experiences abuse at the hands of those who should care for her, but who instead use her naivety to their own advantage. This includes her father and Hamlet her lover. Because of her dependence on the guidance and counsel of men, she agrees to carry out her father’s plot to spy on Hamlet. At the very same time, she is unconsciously being used by Hamlet in the play to support his façade of…

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