Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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The play “Hamlet” was written in the late 16th Century, where women were mainly housewives. In the play, Shakespeare writes about Hamlet who loves Ophelia but with the situation that he is in, his perspective on everything and everyone changes, especially his thoughts on women. He believes that the only thing women want is not love, but sexual interaction. There are many things that cause his behavior: his mother 's marriage, Ophelia rejecting him, and his father’s murder. Although Hamlet loved Ophelia and Gertrude before his fathers died, the way Hamlet behaves towards them afterwards shows that the circumstances impacted negatively on his view of women. After his father’s death, Hamlet’s thoughts on everything changed. He thought that life was punishing, he could trust no one, and women were just game players trying to mess with the male population. “Or, if thou wilt needs marry, marry a fool; for wise men know well enough what monster you make of them” (Shakespeare 3.1.133-134). Hamlet believes he is speaking privately with Ophelia, however Polonius and Claudius are spying on their conversation. Hamlet senses this and becomes angry with Ophelia when she lies to him. When he says this line, he is referring to Ophelia as all women and that women are tricksters that only ruin others life. He believes that only fools marry because they do not see the ‘real’ truth behind them. Hamlet has little respect when he speaks with Ophelia, afterwards he tells her to go to a nunnery.…

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