Essay on Hamlet By William Shakespeare 's Hamlet

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In numerous works of literature, authors create round characters with dynamic personalities. Often, a character’s complete personality and emotions are not easily accessible to the other characters of the work. Therefore, the other characters must utilize different means of discovery to find the true nature of the character. Such is the case with William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Shakespeare employs the motif of spying to reveal Hamlet’s inner personality throughout the play. The protagonist, Hamlet, does not display his thoughts and feelings in relation to his supposed insanity to the other characters in the work. As a result, Claudius resorts to spying on Hamlet through the help of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern as illustrated in the passage. Claudius hopes to understand Hamlet’s mysterious madness and sorrow with the use of spying. However, the spying that occurs in the beginning offers little insight to the motives of Hamlet thus illustrating the difficulty in discovering true human motives. To illustrate the complexity of humanity found in the play, Shakespeare utilizes the spy tactics of Polonis, Ophelia, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern issued by Claudius.
King Claudius spies on Hamlet with the help of Polonius to uncover Hamlet’s true motives behind his pretense of madness. Polonius acts to please Claudius and find out the truth behind Hamlet’s actions. Thus, he plans a scheme to spy on Hamlet behind the curtains. Lawrence Dawson states, “Polonius is the great master of…

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