Essay on Hamlet By William Shakespeare 's Hamlet

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Shakespeare 's Hamlet is filled with various climactic moments, from Hamlet meeting his father 's ghost, to the recital of the play to get a rise out of his Uncle, to when Hamlet accidentally murders Polonius. Scene 4.1 and 4.2 of Hamlet take place directly after the murder, which makes them very crucial to the play as they help provide an idea of where the drama will take the play. The two scenes are of course linked by taking place chronologically in order, but they also are connected as they show the different reaction Hamlet has compared to his mother and uncle over Polonius 's murder. The scenes are written in a way that add a sense of worry, but are intriguing in their ability to bring a little bit of humour into the drama, such as Hamlet 's insult towards Rosencrantz. Scene 4.1 and 4.2 show a bit of what Shakespeare is capable of when writing a serious and foreboding scene, whilst maintaining the general mood of the play.

The first words of scene 4.1, where the King notes that there is matter in his Queen 's sighs are a fairly light humour, after a fairly dark turn in the play. In a modern context any person can imagine a family sitcom where a wife sighs and the husband rolls his eyes in a sort of “what now?”. Shakespeare of course uses his brilliance with words to maintain the royalty of the character and the poetry of the words:

KING There 's matter in these sighs. These profound heaves You must translate; 'tis fit we understand them. Where is your son?…

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