Hamlet By William Shakespeare 's Hamlet Essay

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William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is one of his greatest plays. The protagonist Hamlet is a complicated character that many critics have discussed about a lot. A quick overview of the play Hamlet; Prince Hamlet learns about the death of his father and the immediate marriage of his mother, Gertrude to his uncle, Claudius. He notices Claudius is already crowned King in his absence. Hamlet later discovers that his father died an unnatural death, he was murdered by his own uncle. This discovery brings a lot of emotions to Hamlet and he vows to avenge his father’s death. The way Hamlet goes about his vengeance has made many critics question his sanity. Is his madness simply a deception or does truly become insane? Many scenes from the play show that Hamlet’s attitude was justified and he was infact sane throughout the play.
Hamlet has a lot of grief and we see that even from his first appearance on stage. Hamlet’s grief is very natural, what is unnatural is the way everyone around him were over the death of the King. No other person seemed to be grieving the loss of the late king and it puzzled Hamlet. Instead of sympathizing with him, his uncle and mother were putting him down. We see this in Act 1, Scene 2 where his mother advises him to stop being gloomy because “’tis common, - all that live must die” (Shakespeare, line 73). His uncle also makes a similar remark in line 91, he says “you must know, your father lost a father; that father lost, lost his” (Shakespeare 1.2). Claudius…

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