Hamlet By William Shakespeare : The Tragedy Of All Time If Not Plays

1055 Words May 17th, 2016 null Page
The play Hamlet by William Shakespeare is a very intriguing tale, Shakespeare writes one of the greatest tragedies of all time if not plays. Shakespeare tells us the story of young man Hamlet who is mourning due to the recent death of his father. To make matters worse his mother an uncle are married very quickly after the death of his father. It so fast after the death, Hamlet put it as “The funeral baked meats did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables”(Shakespeare). The death is going to leave Hamlet in a very abstinence state of mind. This is until the ghost of his father appears to him and tells Hamlet the story of his death. The ghost tells him several things here, how he was killed and that he should take revenge on his uncle Claudius. Though Hamlet is hesitant of the ghost testimony, it seems there 's is a part of him that does not believe the ghost. Even though with what seems to be blatant evidence of his his father 's death right in front of him. His father 's voice telling him a word for word reenactment, Hamlet still could not kill Claudius. Why? Hamlet cannot kill Claudius maybe for his uncertainties, perhaps he 's just scared or is it he 's afraid of hurting his mother. This puts Hamlet into a truth seeking madness, one where he seems willing to lose at all cost. Shakespeare is having Hamlet do something that Hamlet will have his charter do in his play later on in the play. This moment will come in Act III when Hamlet thinks he finally got Claudius trapped.…

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