The Theme Of Revenge In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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“Hamlet” is one of the most devastating plays ever written. Hamlet seeks revenge after his father’s death and has hatred towards his uncle who murdered his father. Throughout the play Hamlet shows many different qualities that make him the character that he is. He undergoes many different emotions such as hatred, determination, and a coward. Hamlet contemplates suicide and murder throughout the play to get revenge from his father’s death. This essay will show that Hamlet posses many qualities throughout the play and the conflicting situations he deals with.
Hamlet’s biggest conflict is finding more proof to make sure his uncle killed his father before he seeks revenge to kill Claudius and to listen to what the ghost was telling him. He does
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This metaphor is used to show how nothing ever works out in Hamlets favor. It also describes how his mother has made his life more difficult since his father died by marrying Hamlet’s uncle. Another metaphor that is used in the play by Hamlet is when he says "He keeps them, like an ape, in the corner of his jaw- first mouthed, to be last swallowed.” In this scene Hamlet is talking to Rosencrantz about Claudius. Hamlet was emphasizing that Claudius only wants something to do with you when you have something to offer him, but once you do not have anything else to offer he will turn his back on you and be manipulative.
During the play Shakespeare uses hyperbole to overemphasize the amount of time between the marriage of Claudius and Gertrude, the funeral, and when his father died. The usage of hyperbole in “Hamlet” is used by showing how he is still holding onto the grudge towards his mother and how he is still sadden over the loss of his father. Hamlet also reminisced on how his father died one month ago, but then jumped to two months hyperbolizing the time frame of when the incident really did occur.
Overall Hamlet is a protagonist, but deals with many emotions as well as having problems with trusting and forgiving many of the other characters in the play. He changes throughout the play by being sad and resentful to wanting revenge and having a

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